Answers to frequently asked questions.

We only want to give you a 30/90 day listing.
I’m sorry, we won’t do that. 6 months is our
company policy. If at any time we have not fulfilled
our promise to you then we may have the
discussion about withdrawing the listing.
We guarantee our service.

We were thinking about a franchise company.
We’ve never heard of your company.
We can understand your concern, and we think
you realize, a name doesn’t sell a home, it’s the
individual agents activities and expertise that sell
a home.

We’ll save the commission by
selling it ourselves.
We agree you can save the commission by selling
it yourself. Are you aware that today there are over
8,000 homes and condos for sale in Myrtle Beach.
And last month
(market statistics) only 91 sold,
that’s a three year supply of homes …if no other
homes come on the market. And last month, 320
new homes came on the market. And what’s
worse is the fact that only 2% of all For Sale by
Owners sell themselves and 98% are listed and
sold by real estate agents. Can you afford to have
only a 2% chance of selling your home?

We want to list high; we can always
come down later.
Because the majority of serious potential buyers
visit a property within the first two weeks of it going
on the market. If your property is priced higher than
comparable homes, they won't even bother
looking at it. In fact, other agents will use your
home as proof that their listings are a better value,
and you'll help sell the homes you're competing

Once your property has been on the market with
very few showings and low-ball offers, you will
finally reduce the price. When potential buyers see
how long your home has been on the market and
that the price has been reduced, they will think
there is something wrong with the property. These
potential buyers won't want to pay market value. All
too often, homes that are overpriced, then
reduced, end up getting lower than market value in
the end.

Would you rather have a bidding war on your
home or not have an opportunity to negotiate any
offers at all?

We want to think it over.
That’s great, and since three minds are better
then two, let’s think out loud together, tell me, what
are your concerns.

I have a friend in the business.
I can appreciate that, and almost everyone does.
So let me ask you, do you absolutely have to sell
your home, or are you just looking to do
your friend a favor?

Another agent said they could get
me more money.
I can appreciate that and what you probably don’t
understand is this. An agent that will list your
property overpriced assumes they can take the
listing now and then start beating you up on the
price, week after week after week. Is that what you
want? Who would?
They’re afraid to tell you the truth, up front.

You haven’t sold any homes in my community.
That’s a valid concern and the obvious reason
you’ll choose me now is because of my active
marketing plan and 10 years of experience.

What do you do to sell homes?
That’s a valid concern. Are you aware there are
two kinds of real estate agents? There are
passive and active. I am an active agent, meaning,
when you sign the contract we will spend all of our
time actively marketing your home. You want
someone who will work actively and aggressively
to get you home sold.

In addition to all of the passive marketing
activities, we prospect on the telephone daily, a
minimum of three hours. We will actively and
aggressively look for buyers for your home.

We want to cut your commission.
I’m sorry, we won’t do that. That would be a great
disservice to you. Cutting the commission will only
hurt your chances of competing with other similar
homes on the market.

The other agent said he/she would cut
their commission.
I can appreciate that, and can I tell you why that
should make you nervous. If other agents do not
have the courage to stand up to you regarding
their own worth, how strong could they possibly be
defending you and the price we set on your home?
We have that courage.
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