3 / 2013                 
Dear Helene: My apologies for not writing
this sooner Helene, but I wanted to personally
thank you for all your help over the last 4 years both as our leasing
agent and as a Realtor. I sincerely look forward to staying in touch
with you as our family grows in our new home but in the meantime I
cannot overstate how much we appreciate your honest, no nonsense
approach as a leasing agent and Realtor. From start to finish and
you have been by our side through every step of the way from putting
an offer on a property to signing the closing documents.
We've enjoyed the teamwork too, appreciated your sometimes
passionate opinion yet your ability to agree to disagree and that you
always had our best interest to heart even if it was not what we
wanted to hear. The result was us ending up with the best possible
outcome. I look forward to the next time.
Oliver & S. R., Myrtle Beach
12 / 2012
Helene, You rock!  Thank you so
much for taking care of everything.
I hated to have the tenant wait, I
truly appreciate your work with the
tenant and our interest.
Best wishes, Deb O., CA

10 / 29 / 2014
Hi Helene,
I am excited to hear that the property looks good inside and out and
that the tenants would like to renew their lease. They have been
fabulous tenants. We have greatly enjoyed our partnership with you!
Many Thanks, Ginny P., North Carolina

11 / 2013
Yay!! That's incredible! Thank you so much Helene! You have been so
great to work with! Beyond words thankful for you!
Katie K., NewSpring Church, M.B.

5 / 2014
Hey Helene, Thanks for the update, just a few days ago I was talking
to C... and said that if I could dump the mess in Cleveland I would
consider buying more in Myrtle Beach.
(mostly because of you - you have been more than fantastic).
R. Brubaker, San Diego
I'm sending this to inform you that
I will be moving July 31st 2013. It
has been a pleasure renting from
you. Thanks so much.
E. Brown., Resident since

11 / 29 / 2012
You are a wonderful friend. The way God put us all
together was his plan. You were on our list of best
friends to share our 558 million with but
sorry we did not win.
Richard + P. L.,  PA
(Manage properties, Big purchase)

6 / 2011
Thanks again for being an honest kind human
being! You have really helped me in this tough time
and I appreciate you more than words can say.
Thanks Julie M., Rhode Island
I bought my current house through the efforts of
Helene LaCaille in the year 2000.
I was not an easy client--it took probably 3 months
before I found a house I was willing even to bid
on. But she was a real trooper. She paid attention
to what I wanted, to what my budget allowed me
to buy, and to what my reactions were to the
houses she showed me. Then she made sure
my transition to my new house was trouble-free.
Thanks to Helene, I am still in just about the
perfect house for my needs.
I am proud to call Helene a friend. I have stayed in
contact with her over the subsequent years. I
know she devotes the same quality of attention to
the houses she represents and the clients she
serves. She is honest, ethical, and straight-
forward, qualities I have seldom found in her
competition. Her only flaw, if you can call it a flaw,
is that she works too hard. I recommend her to
you without any hesitation.
Carolina's gain is California's loss.

B Goodman
San Diego, California

10 / 2009
If the current renters ever leave Sterling Pointe, I will definitely ask you to manage that
property as well.  You have been a real joy to work with. I like having you look after my
property (no hassles). Thanks so much for your help.  I really feel blessed having you
manage our properties. I can sleep a LOT easier at nights! I am confident that you'll
find a great renter quickly for Marcliffe. We'll get through this just fine. We also feel
blessed to have you working on our behalf. Thanks, and have a wonderful day.
K.B., Washhington, DC  Computer Services Manager
9 / 2009
Thanks again Helene,  I feel really good about you managing our
6 / 2011 Helene, Thanks for being so quick in dealing with this
issue. I definitely want to continue leasing the condo after this
tenant's lease is finished.  I am so glad you are managing the
condo.  I think you are great! If you ever need a reference, let me
know. I think you do a terrific job of looking out for our interests.  
Thank you so much.
Sincerely, Sharon H., Virginia
8 / 2010
Good morning. It is so nice to
work with a person who is on top
of the situation !  
Thank you  
AL T. Massachusetts
2 / 2010
Thanks for all you do.
I am constantly amazed by
your results!
K.B., Washington DC

7 / 2010
Oh my God.
Thank you thank you thank you.
You are precious.

Sharon H

3 / 2009
Hi Helene:
Words can't begin to express our
gratitude for all you did to help us
finally sell in SC. You're a gem
and we appreciate you and ALL
your efforts!Please keep in touch!
T. + L. Galdos, California
11 / /2011
Helene, Everything looks great. You're doing a
great job maintaining the property. Good job finding
the right person. Just let me know if you want me to
send you some money or if you will just subtract all
the expenses from the rent. I appreciate all that
you've done. You're doing a great job!
Thanks, David S. Vermont

12 / 2011
Hello and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to
my favorite Managing Agent.  You truly provide me
with a level of confidence in this matter that is
absolutely comforting.
Mr. Stiefeld, Esq. New York
1 / 2012  
Hi Helene, Please find attached a
copy of the signed lease. Thank
you again for your exceptional
service and effort!
Many thanks. Ginny

5 / 2012                 
Helene, You do an excellent job and Deb and I app-
reciate very much, your judgement is sound. With
best regards, Elizabeth O. Napa, CA
Helene, I second Elizabeth's sentiments and app-
reciate your integrity and attitude about managing our
property. You're a gem, and I'm so glad that we found
you! Thank you!
Deb O. Santa Rosa, CA

5 / 2012
You have been such a blessing to
us and were so happy to have you
as a part in such an exciting event
for us.
-Alli, Tenant

8 / 2012
Thanks for all your time, kindness,
and of course work ethic and
professionalism.  We appreciate
all you do!!!
John M.

8 /2012
Good Afternoon. Deb and I are very thankful that we have you watching
over us. I only wish we could do something more for you. I tell all my
friends about you and all that you have done for us. I hope someday to
be able to send you some clients. Thanks again.
Al and Deb Tower., MA
6 / 2012  
Helene, Thanks for acting
so quickly! You are a gem.
Deb T.
V P Member Services
SM Credit Union
6 / 2012
Thank you for being so understanding and easy to deal with!!
Jennifer C., Carolina Forest. Tenant

8 / 2010
Hi Helene,   
Pleasure speaking with you yesterday...if only 10 percent of the world
could have your peppy spirit and enthusiasm what a better place it
would be! Lorri is flying to S.C. in about a week with her aunt. She will
probably be reaching out to you in the next few days. I told her how you
already have prospective renters- she as well thinks your will and
dedication and spirit is second to none. She understands that it could
also take time to rent this home but is so happy with and confident in
you that there are no concerns what so ever.
John & Lori M., New York

May 18, 2012
Helene has been our property manager for two
different properties for over three years now. I find her
to be extremely competent, professional and person-
able. I trust her implicitly to manage our properties as
if they were her own. She shows great judgment, and
exercises tact and diplomacy. I cannot recommend
her highly enough for her property management and
real estate expertise.”
Top qualities:
Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
K Bailey, Virginia. Hired 2009

8 / 2010
Thank you Helene--
Elizabeth and I truly appreciate
you and the fact that you are so
easy to work with!
Best wishes, Deb., Santa Rosa

7 / 2011
Thanks Helene!
What would we do without you?
Ginny P. Atlanta

9 / 2011
Thank you for the breakdown and
reminder of expenditures. I look
forward to receiving the checks.
As always, thank you for your
exceptional service!
Many thanks.
G. Porter
3 / 2013
Well first off I'd like to thank you,
you've made this whole process
simple and easy...if I had known it
would be this easy I would have
looked at renting long before!
Matt W., VA

5 / 2013
Thank you so much for those beautiful roses!
You are such a wonderful person and great
Realtor :) We're so blessed to have fallen into your
hands!! Please let us know if you need anything
Sincerly, Mr. Mrs. H. Pharm D., Murrells Inlet

4 / 2013
Helene, I wanted to Thank You for
everything you did to help me with
the purchase of my new home.
There was at one time I had
decided to give up on this house
and have you locate me another
one due to the difficulty with the
appraisal. You worked "your magic:,
and the problem was solved in
hours instead of days. You are the
best! Love,
Lynda N., Myrtle Beach

5 / 2013
Glad to hear that everything is going well in MB
and that housing prices are starting to rise. We are
not interested in selling (why would we when we
have YOU) but it would be interesting to see the
current comps.
J. G. Porter, NC

8 / 2012
You are way too kind, Helene.
Thanks so much for all you do.
I know I say this, but I really mean
it: We appreciate you very much.
Have a fabulous day.
K. Bailey, Virginia

5 / 2013              
Helene, Dan and I have been very pleased with everything you've
done on our behalf. I guess I  trust you so completely that I don't think
much about the properties at all. I know you have us protected and
covered, so I don't think about it. I trust you more than some of my
family members, so that should tell you something.
We have complete confidence in you. I have agreed 100% with all of
the decisions made with all of our properties. You are more to me
than a property manager. I consider you a friend. Thank you for putting
up with me and taking such good care of us. Take care,
D.B, VA.,  Managed two properties since 2008

7 / 2013              
Helene, Thank you for your
diligence in the matter, I was not
even aware that I had the storage
unit. You are great. Thank you for
the raise, and make sure that you
take care of yourself.
Thanks again,
George A. S, P.E., President
Engineering & Environmental
Consultants, Inc. South Carolina
5 / 2013                 
Hi Helene,
Elizabeth and I are thrilled to hear that our tenant wants to renew and
happy to keep the rent the same. Thanks for the reminder, Elizabeth
is on top of the home warranty--it's not due for renewal, yet. Thanks
again for all that you do--I never worry about how things are going, as
I know you've got it "under control."  
Best wishes, Deb., Napa, CA

7 / 2008
I am an out-of-state investor so I need a property
manager that I can trust and that will maintain my
property as if it were their own. Helene at Full Sail
Real Estate has done that for me!
I purchased a house in December of 2005 at which
time I hired another management company. The
property sat vacant for three months until a resident
was finally obtained in March of 2006.
By August of 2008! I asked, “Why is there so much
damage to this house?”. The response I received
was "that it was now an older house". Older house!
It was a new house and had only been occupied for
2 ½ years. That's not old I responded, that's a lack of
maintenance and poor management I responded.
With the inability to lease the property in a timely
manner and not taking action immediately once rent
was past due, I only received rent 5 months in a 12
month period. Compound that with the 4,500 rehab
costs to replace the carpet and paint from poor
tenant selection, well, it was a miserable experience.
I asked Helene at Full Sail Real Estate if she would
take over the property for me.  I was amazed when
she told me that she personally supervised and even
rolled up her sleeves to clean up the mess. She
didn't want me to have any more down time and her
goal was to rehab and get tenants in place before
months end. She also researched the best deal  for
all new flooring and installation. Now my 2 ½ year old
house looks and has been rehabbed  to new. I also
receive my rent checks on time. No more 3 months
of no rent with tenants destroying my property. I have
peace of mind with her.  
If you care about your property, want it maintained
and professionally managed, choose Helene. I’m
very happy with her general real estate knowledge
and ability to run a tight ship;
she does maintain my
properties as if they were her own.
Another item that was above and beyond the “call of
duty”, that NO other management company would
have done. Helene went to an HOA meeting on my
behalf.  We had a problem with the Owner’s
Association and the enforcement of rules. When you
are out of state you don’t have much recourse, so
you just have to pay the fines. However when
someone shows up at the meeting and proves that
they care about the property it makes a difference.  
Helene received nothing for that, outside of a happy
customer, and I saved $250 and possibly my tenant
as well!

R. Brubaker
San Diego, California
12 / 2013
Helene, I so appreciated your
time and effort you put forward
tiling the floor in my condo. You
are very professional and I am
very happy that you are
concerned about my condo as I
am. Thanks for all your help and
have a very pleasant holiday
Jim M., New Jersey
11 / 2014
Helene, Thanks so much for
understanding. It's been very
stressful and you relieved a lot
of that. Susie
12 / 2013
Helene! Have a great holiday and
thanks for being a great landlord.
Susie and Cathy, Garden City
9 / 2014
Helene, I totally appreciate EVERYTHING you've done for us.I feel
lucky to have you on our side. It's so comforting to know that you are
on top of every situation. Again, thanks for all you do.
Dennis M., New York.
Owner, Prince Creek, Murrells Inlet
10 / 2014
I would never think that Helene. I trust you 100% !!!
I know you have to be burnt out on my pain in the
ass condos. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!
Hopefully this is it for a LONG while!  
April T., Los Angeles
1 / 2015
Also, I always forget to Thank you for all that you do.
My days are pretty crazy, but I do want you to know
how much we appreciated everything.
Geri C., New Jersey
Clients, 2009
12 / 2014
You are most welcome, Helene. I want you to know that I appreciate
you and value your work, kindness and friendship very much.
Mr. Mrs. Bailey, Maryland
Client since 2009
2 / 2015
Thank you for being such a wonderful landlord.
M. Sanders, SC

2 / 2013
I do appreciate everything you do. I know that your
heart is noble, and you always do your best.
3 / 2013
Thanks for getting it rented so quickly! You are
amazing, and we appreciate you very much.
K Bailey, VA

8 / 2011
Thanks Helene, I wish that I could
get property managers as good as
you for all my rentals.
Rollie B., San Diego

Client references, referrals, unsolicited kudos,
and just spontaneous appreciation for a continued job well done.
5 / 2015
Consider yourself blessed! Thank you for all that
you do. We have complete trust in you which is a
wonderful thing!
Elizabeth, Napa CA
Client since 2009
8 / 2017
Thank you Helene! We would like to write a positive
review for your business. Is there any particular
review company you would like us to use?
-Michael P.
Resident, 2 years. Myrtle Beach,
Helene LaCaille,
Broker in Charge, Owner

Full Sail Real Estate
9 / 2017
Please please please don't hold off paying
yourself!! The $$ is in escrow for a reason...to cover
expenses...so pay yourself! As always I had
complete faith and trust in you. You never ever
disappoint. No worries on this end...Again, you're
John + Lori M., NYC
Clients since 2010
9 /2017
Great, My first thought was that something happened to you and was
relieved that the check was just lost. Annoying it is, but easily
replaced. As always you are completely professional and responsible.
I appreciate everything you do.
Sharon H., MD
Client since 2009

Thanks Helene!!
I really appreciate all that you do, I know it is your job, but you really
take care of the property like you own it.
R. Brubaker,
Hi Helene,
We would like to renew the lease at the same monthly rental rate as
the tenants have been fabulous. Please let us know if any
questions or needs arise. We appreciate the continued exceptional
service that you have provided over the years.
Thank you, Ginny & Josh             Clients since 2009
Please proceed with the fixes as needed and send us an invoice for
your time (to be deducted from our next month’s rent).
I trust you implicitly to do what needs to be done now. Thank you for
caring for our property as your own. We truly appreciate you very much.
Have a fabulous and blessed day.
Katey B, MD.
Owner, Client 2008
Thank you Helene...YOU happen to be number 1 professional
I know, through, precise, always following up and getting the job done.
That is Gospel. That's after 50 years of business relationships.
Client, 10 + years. Managed his rental since 2009: Just sold it.         
James Mc A.........
Toms River, NJ
Thank you so much!
You have no idea how much we
appreciate you. Like I said, we
have set aside money for cases
like these. If you need
something in advance, just ask.
You are a blessing!!!
Stay Safe, Bailey, MD
Client 2008