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Our listing plan of action               
Our objectives are the following

To assist in getting as many qualified buyers as
possible into your home until it is sold. = Having
an  impeccable presentation via professional
photography and full descriptions of the property
as seen in the MLS and Internet are critical. Being
attractively priced compared to the competition
definitely helps.

To communicate to you weekly the results of
our activities. = When agents show the property
we will call to obtain feedback and adjust

To assist you in negotiating the highest dollar
value between you and your buyer. = You need
an agent who's not attached to the outcome.
You don't want a desperate agent who Needs
the sale. You want an agent who will fight for the
price we set on your home.

The following are the steps we take
to get a home sold. The proactive approach.

Submit your home to our local Multiple
Listing Service. (MLS)

Price your home competitively, to open the
market versus narrowing the market. = With the
information on the Internet, buyers know what a
property is worth. Over pricing a property will only
hurt the final price. When a property has sat too
long on the market, people think there's some-
thing wrong with it. Also, beware, I know this
never happens, but agents will tell you a high
list  price just to take the listing and tie you up in
a multi month contract, then, start beating you up
on the price, week after week. Find an agent that
will tell you the truth, up front.

Develop a list of features of your home for the
Brokers and sales agents to use with their
potential buyers.

Suggest and advise as to any changes you may
want to make in your property to make it
more saleable. = Definitely important! Staging
properties is known to bring higher sales prices.

Constantly update you as to any changes in the

Prospect 3 hours per day and talk to 30 people
looking for potential buyers.

Contact over the next seven days my buyer leads,
sphere of influence and past clients for their
referrals and prospective buyers.

Add additional exposure through a professional
sign and lock box.

Whenever possible, prequalify the
prospective buyers. = This is huge! Especially in
this area, Myrtle Beach.

Keep you aware of the various methods of
financing that a buyer might want to use.

Follow-up on the salespeople who have shown
your home for their feedback and response.
Assist you in arranging interim financing
if necessary.

Represent you on all offer presentations to
assure you are negotiating the best possible
price and terms.

Handle all the follow up upon a contract being
accepted including all mortgage, title and other
closing procedures.
To sell a home, you need to be in the MLS.
You need to be
well priced, and your listing needs
to stand out from the crowd.

Google, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com
will take care of the rest by propagating the listing
literally all over the world via the net. That's really it!

Once under contract, closing the sale will take
and experienced agent. Banks are over cautious
not to mention appraisers. Getting a property
closed can be a challenge.

Here's how the listing process works. Agents,
work very hard to find listings by "farming"
neighborhoods, sending expensive mailers,
cold calling FSBO's and expired listings, doing
"floor duty". It's work! And when the listing is
obtained, the process is to immediately "list" the
property in the MLS. For the most part, that's it.

Then, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and literally
hundreds of other sites mine the data from local
MLS's around the country and feed the
information back to the public  under their
brand...as if they were the procuring cause of the
listing. The sites mentioned make money by
selling advertising and the leads they obtain back
to agents, the same agents who obtained the
listing in the first place. It's a beautiful thing.

The point here is there is no real magic.
A decade ago, yes, what we now know as
"traditional" real estate was the norm. The Internet
and the sites mentioned above have changed
everything. Just look at what's happened to the
travel agent and industry.

What is critical though is pricing the property
correctly. Price is really the only issue in selling
Real Estate.

Make sure the property is in the best condition it
can possibly be. You only get one chance to make
a first impression. So true.

When an agent "inputs" a property in the MLS,
often times, fields are left blank, photos are awful.
With the advent of youTube, and I speak for myself
as well, people don't want to read anymore.
People want photos, images, and they better be
nice or you loose the viewer.

Offer a reasonable fee to entice cooperating
agents to show the property. Consider this the
bounty for all of their hard work.

Make sure you have an experienced agent that
knows and understands all aspects of the
lending process as well as appraisals. The best
offer in the world does no one any good if the deal
doesn't close.
These days, it doesn't matter what a seller and
buyer agree to unless it's a cash purchase.
Appraisers and banks have the final word.

You need a good solid agent who will tell you the
truth, someone with years of experience in all
aspects of Real Estate.

Helene LaCaille, Broker owner
Full Sail Real Estate has that experience.

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