Property management is an art form.

We at Full Sail Real Estate understand in depth
landlord tenant the law, we know contracts, and we
know the law…

But more importantly, we know people. Property
management is a people business and that’s
where we shine.

The founder of Full Sail Real Estate owns and
manages a considerable portfolio of properties
from coast to coast. She knows the anxieties of
owning out of State investments. Finding a good,
trustworthy management company can be a
daunting task.

At Full Sail we guarantee to take the pressure off.
When you hire us, you will know that your property is
managed with care. We treat you investment as if it
were our own, we spend your money as if it were
our own.

The best way to shop for a management company
is to call the references, not only the property
owners, but probably most importantly the tenants.
At Full Sail Real Estate, we treat our tenants with
great respect and will do everything to please…
and we do.

We understand the great cost of a rental turnover to
an owner and we at Full Sail will do everything in
our power to avoid them.
Management Services

Property Evaluation
On site visit to property to determine asking rental
rate. Assess property condition, send digital
photographs to out of state clients.
Offer suggestions to maximize the rental.

Comprehensive and extensive web marketing
plan. We hate vacancies and promise to work
actively and aggressively to fill them within
thirty days.

Tenant Screening
Years of experience in judging qualification. Full
credit screen, but will at times review with owners
certain exceptions.
Thorough reference checks: employment, credit
reports, former landlords. Detailed rental
application forms. In depth interviews with
prospective tenants. Will always work closely with
the owners on tenant selection and will advise
but the final decision will be the owners.

Comprehensive Legal Forms
Leases jointly developed and approved by the
South Carolina Bar Association and the South
Carolina Association of Realtors. We ensure
compliance with all South Carolina Law.

Rent Collection Services
Fair but firm rent collection policies. Quick action
should delinquencies occur. Net proceeds can be
mailed or directly deposited in your checking
account. Complete security deposit handling.
Maximum security deposits collected from all
tenants for your protection. Deposits held in our
broker trust account, subject to State supervision.
Forfeits and damage claims in conformance with
State security deposit laws.

Maintain all security deposit accounts. Monthly
and yearly income and expense statements.
Complete tax records at year end. Itemized record
of all transactions.

Pay all bills pertaining to the property when

Property Inspections
Initial inspection and tenant check in with digital
photographs for documentation. Spot check and
periodic inspections. Termination inspection and
tenant check out.

Repairs and Maintenance
Contracting and Supervision
We handle the calls at all hours.
All of our subs are licensed by the State of South
Carolina in their respective fields. We negotiate
the best prices for you with carefully chosen
and will never spend a dime without
owner's approval...up front.
We know houses,
the problems that occur, what repair costs are,
and how to get good service.

Optional Related Services
Investment consulting, purchase and sale
evaluation. We are a full service real estate

Should you wish to sell, we will help you
personally. With over 10 years experience in all
aspects of Real Estate, we feel qualified to
service all of you real estate needs.

For buyers, we offer buyer agency representation.
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